There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.
- Søren Kierkegaard

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Angelique Kidjo - We are one
Hara - Muro Shavo
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Nancy Ajram - Ya habibi yallah


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I don't wanna leave. The realization of the fact, this stage is gonna come to an end not too far in time, strikes me as I right now watch Natia gathering her luggage... she's gonna leave to Georgia tomorrow, somewhat around lunchtime. I'm gonna miss her leave due to the fact that I hold a Geography lesson on whatever improvised topic, with the small ones. It's mainly pictures and music, no problem, words hardly stick there. The living room wall decoration is gonna be gone, it's gonna struck me even more when I come home. Viva la vineri.

The pain is unbearable right now. Little Florin called me from Alex' phone in the morning, micuțule meu, since he just wanted to talk to me... I was close to crying afterwards. I cannot leave this behind. Him. The kids. The school...

In the evening I met with big Florin, our on-arrival trainer. We kept contact for months after the training, we're kind of on the same frequency, I like him very much. He's an extraordinary person in his way. We've went to the tea house and... it was kind of special. We work in the same profession, we honour the same values and feel the same pains and joys. I felt a bit like with a soul mate sitting there drinking yasmine tea with honey.

Small and big Florin are some of the "Pieces of Romania" that I will come back for. For sure. Promise.

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